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In 2009, I went on a motorcycle trip to Bhutan which became a life-altering experience for me. I realized, all I wanted to do is explore and discover the treasures of this planet in its people, cultures and elements of nature. This blog was born to share my thoughts, frames and experiences as an inspiration for people to experience the beautiful world that lies outside.. on the road. And, so far it has been quite a journey.

To mark the highlights of this journey, I was featured by Lonely Planet as a travel blogger for 3 years and my photograph made it to the cover of World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) calendar for 2013.I also won a travel writing contest by Expedia and got an all-expenses-paid trip to the US as a prize,only to never make it there. Why? Well, that’s another story…

Some More Random Facts About Me:

I befriended the camera at the age of 9 and my first shot was a sloppy picture of my pet which I still have with me.

I was always fascinated by nature’s bounty in its amazing landscapes.This fascination gave birth to the wanderer in me and by the time I was 23, I had my footprints on almost all the states in my country.

I was chased by a Cobra once as a child, that is when I learned I could be an athlete, though I did not end up giving competition to Usain Bolt.

I am an Indian so Cricket runs in my blood. If cricket makes you think about the chirpy insect in your backyard, you better stay away from me!

I went to an engineering school and learned how to design machines, only to end up designing software programs.

I did work as a photographer for a few NGOs and photo agencies but still have a few more miles to go before I can call myself a full fledged photographer. If I end up living my dream I would probably earn my bread someday by just being a photographer.

In case you are still hooked on, do have a look at my bucket list:

You think its too far fetched and unachievable? Well, I kind of agree to you. But you know something I forgot to tell you, I am a big dreamer and yes, dreams do come true.

Why This Site :

Initially it was started to let my mom have my coordinates. She was the one who passed on her wanderlust gene into me and this site made her travel virtually to all the places I traveled, through my words and frames.

Later on, I was told by many of my readers that this site has inspired them to leave their couch and get out on the road, so now it has a larger mission. Here are a few of my humble thoughts and philosophies:

1. Life is too short, live it, get out of your couch and see the world. Meet the wonderful people who make our planet such an amazing place to live.

Want to know about a few wonderful people I have met on the road? See this:

 2. You don’t need to quit your job and family to go around the world, just look for the smaller happinesses around. Get out on the weekends, check out a few unexplored places around your town, I am sure you will come back happier.

3. Travel is not as expensive as you think it to be, its just the way you want to travel is what matters the most.

I would love to share my travel experiences and tryst with photography through this site. Do keep visiting for travel and photography related tips and suggestions from time to time.

Give a buzz if you have any query under the sun related to travel or photography. Send me your feedback on the site and if there is anything more that you would want to know from me. Looking forward to your responses.


1. Photography : I take up professional photography assignments. Do send me an email if you have any photo assignment to be done and are looking for a decent photographer. However I don’t shoot in weddings or birthday parties, but I won’t mind passing you a few contacts from around the globe.

2. Freelance Travel Writing : I have been doing freelance travel writing for about a couple of years now. Flick me an email if you need anything.




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