Sunday, September 1, 2013

Flying from Glasgow

This is a Guest Post by Cath Lavina. Cath lives in Glasgow and loves her city's Airport. She tells us here about parking options at the Glasgow Airport.

When it comes to Glasgow airport parking, there are plenty of options on offer to suit various tastes and budgets.

Among the most affordable parking solutions is the long-stay airport parking option, which is based on the airport grounds. This means that you park your car within an official on-site car park, which benefits from a high level of security including frequent patrols, security fencing and CCTV, and use a frequent shuttle bus service to be transported to and from the terminal building.

This is generally one of the most affordable options, however, other low-cost airport parking methods include off-site car parking. While these are usually based in areas that are managed by third party operators, they are often of a high quality and are usually part of a nationwide chain of car park services. However, be sure to check their credentials and ensure you are happy with the quality and level of security before committing to a booking.

Off-site car parks also include a shuttle service, which is typically part of the cost. They are often 10-20 minutes long and, in most cases, run on a regular basis throughout the day and night.

Gatwick Airport also offers other services like Meet and Greet, which is a premium service but is one of the fastest and most convenient. Usually, you drop your car off with an operator who parks it for you while you walk to check-in, and on your return, the car will be in a designated spot close to the terminal building.

Other forms of parking at Glasgow Airport include Fast Track Parking, which offers customers priority access to security, which means they can breeze through the airport and onto their flight as quickly as possible.

So whether you want a simple, cost-effective option or a premium parking solution that's highly convenient, there are plenty of airport parking options to choose from.

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